Steam sale best deals?

As expected, Steam has launched their special sale to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Steam sales are always a great time to grab hold of some amazing bargains on both new and older titles – especially games you’ve always wanted.

But what are you going to spend your very hard earned cash on? I mean you don’t want to end up with something that turns out to be pretty naff or your mates suddenly decide to stop playing – though that probably has something to do with the fact no one likes you, it’s ok, no one likes me either.

Anyway! We can help you with how you should be spending your money and we’ll be looking at five of the best – though this is just our opinion.

To decide, I’ll consider discount, ratings and replayability as well as if I like the game or not. Obviously, some of these games are only on sale today, so get buying!

So here are three of the Steam sale best deals, especially if you’re sick of playing Fortnite or CS:GO.

1. Wolfenstein 2

VIA Bethesda Softworks

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Who doesn’t need a delicious dose of destroying some disgusting Nazi scum? Well, what better way than doing it whilst playing as video game legend B.J. Blazkowicz.

A direct sequel to the game released back in 2009, you take control of Blazkowicz as you try to liberate America from the grip of the Third Riech.

Epic battles, easter eggs and freeing good ol’ MURICA, what’s not to love?

Currently, the game is 50% off and available for just £19.99 – which is an absolute steal.

2. Watch Dogs 2

via ubisoft

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Didn’t quite get the buzz surround Watch Dogs and when I did play it, it felt a bit clunky.

However, Watch Dogs 2 has decided to move away from the super serious gameplay to a much more fun style. I mean, hacking cars and driving them into people may sound sadistic but it is rather hilarious.

Reactions are extremely positive and you’ll be able to see why, especially when you call a gang to pull out a hit on someone who is trying to hack you, glorious.

There is a whopping 66% off at the moment, taking it down from £49.99 down to just £19.99.

3. The Witcher III

via CD Projekt RED

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Come on, if you haven’t played this, then what the hell are you doing? That being said, you absolutely should buy this on PC if you’ve only played on consolololol.

One of the few games to bring a few tears to my eye, this absolutely beautiful title will probably do the same to you.

But if getting a bit teared up is too much for you, you know you can always divulge in a bit of rumpy-pumpy or just absolute knacking some fools with a giant broadsword.

This one is just on today’s deals and you can get it for just £12.49, a lovely 50% off – that might make you just as emotional, to be honest.

Steam sale best deals? You’re god damn right!

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