With eSports exploding and hitting the mainstream, basically, every AAA developer in 2018 is hoping that their game will be one of those that has huge eSports potential.

With the likes of League, Overwatch and CS:GO already hitting some mega heights – 2018 could be ‘make or break’ for many games and their competitive scene.

However, with so many games pushing to be in the rotation, they are rushing things and we’re ending up with the rather fantastic ‘eSports ready meme’…Yep, we’re looking at you PUBG.So what games will possibly be eSports ready in 2018?

Here are 5 we think should make the leap.

 1. PUBG

Bluehole Studio PUBG Launch

I know you’re probably getting ready to leave a comment like PUGB IS ALREADY ESPORTS READY U SCRUB.

However, it’s official release was only back in December and since the initial tournament ––which by the way was one of the most boring things I’ve ever seen –– a lot of changes has happened.

Vaulting, better netcode (lel), and general performance boosts have put PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds back in the conversation.

While even Brendan Greene has revealed that the game is not ready to become a competitive eSport FPS, there is a whole 12 months plus you know the sales from more than 30million players to back them.

If they can pace the game better, then we could be in for a great year of PUBG comps.

2. Fornite

Via Epic Studio Fortnite Launch Press Release

There is a reason that TSM has signed one of the best Fortnite players around –– the game is going to be huge.

In fact, it is already huge, but that fact that a team like TSM have snapped up Myth to be their team captain for any events is a clear indication that the game is ready to move to being competitive.

If you have ever watched Myth play Fornite, then you will know that he is a level above just about everyone else – pulling out 20 kill solo games in squads is no mean feet.

Though is there are problems with bloom and a couple of wobbly moments with the servers in recent weeks, Epic should have everything covered.

Which are the top existing eSports arenas that the world has to offer?

3. Paladins BattleGround

Via Hi-Rez Studios

YES, another BR but seriously battle royale games are big business at the moment and if Paladins can add something different to the typical model, then they could take a great share of the market.

Personal preference; Paladins > Overwatch, simply because it does seem a more balanced game – even if some of the legendary’s are insanely good.

And the card system is something that puts Paladins above the likes of PUBG and Fornite in terms of originality –– though they are your main source of look in the game.

If PUBG and Fortnite can do it, there should be no reason why Hi-Rez can’t have another success with this.

4. Quake Champions

If you grew up in the 90s then you should know all about the old arena shooters like Quake.

And this is, in fact, the first main series Quake release since 2005 – so with it not only comes a lot of hype but a lot of expectation as well.

So imagine Quake of old, now imagine it with champion powers like in Overwatch or Paladins and you’ve got one hell of a hybrid.

The game, which has been on Steam’s Early Access since last year is getting its official release date this year but has already got a fledgeling competitive scene.

With a few ‘casual’ games going competitive, it might cheer some people up to see a game like Quake – which has an incredibly steep learning curve and very hardcore gamer base move to the competitive scene.

Prepare to get fragged over and over and over again…

5. Breakaway

So imagine Rocket League + Dota +Smite + Overwatch and you’re somewhere getting close to what this game developed by Amazon is like.

An easier analogy might be if you remember Unreal Tournament 2004’s Bombing Run mode.

Anyway, with it taking aspects of a moba, shooter and sort of sports game, Breakaway could be the breakout title of 2018 – at least in a competitive world.

As Rocket League is a bit hectic, Breakaway is completely hectic – weapons, defences and a big old orb that you need to score in the enemies base.

It might be worth believing the hype.

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