The IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major is now in full swing, with the New Legends stage starting in a few days. The New Legends Teams consist of many of the top-ranked teams in the world, alongside new up and coming teams. With so many roster changes before the Major, there are also a ton of upcoming CS:GO players to watch out for. Here are 5 of the top CS:GO prospects to watch at IEM Katowice 2019.

CS:GO Prospects To Watch at IEM Katowice

Zywoo has had a godly rise to prominence this past year. The 18-year-old French AWPer racked up some incredible stats with French team aAa before being picked up by Vitality, a new project with NBK, apEX, RpK, and now ALEX.

Despite being on a team with multiple former major-winners, Zywoo is hands down the star player. He’s amassed a 1.33 rating so far at the IEM Katowice 2019 Major. We’ll see how he holds his own against top teams.

2. Sergej

At just 16 years old, sergej is one of the youngest players at the Major as well as one of the most promising. He’s been a huge part of ENCE’s success, consistently showing immense skill and making incredible plays.

With ENCE winning multiple events in the past year, he’s already shown he can rise to challenges. However, IEM Katowice 2019 is the biggest event yet for ENCE and a chance for sergej to truly shine.

3. Brehze

Brehze is currently the top-rated player at the Major by far with a 1.58 rating across 4 maps. His teammate, Ethan, is second with 1.36. While it’s a small sample size to go off of, it also shows his ability to put on absolutely huge performances when necessary.

Although he’s been with the team for the past couple of years, this could be NRG’s chance to establish themselves as a dominant Major team and Brehze’s chance to establish himself as a top player.

4. Gratisfaction

Previously from Grayhound Gaming, Gratisfaction’s impressive abilities saw him get recruited by Renegades. Since then, the team has looked better than ever. Along with the consistent strength of AZR and jks, Gratisfaction adds some extra firepower and stability to the Australian roster.

Renegades were also the very first team to progress to the New Legends stage 3-0. With wins over AVANGAR, NiP, and ENCE, they’ve shown to be a huge dark horse for the major.

5. Jame

At 20 years old, Jame has shown he can AWP, IGL, and put up big stats in a Major. He was one of the top 10 players in the New Challengers stage and a big part of AVANGAR qualifying 3-1.

In matches against Renegades, FURIA, G2, and TYLOO, he achieved a rating of 1.13 or above in every one. While the New Legends stage will be a big step up for AVANGAR, they’ve shown they’re an underrated threat with Jame at the helm.

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