The Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0 Spring Update is set to come by the end of April. But what will it include? While we already know Joker will be added to the roster, rumors suggest we could also get some brand new content. Here are 5 things we want in the Smash Bros Ultimate Spring Update.

1. Joker in the Smash Bros Ultimate Roster

The inclusion of Persona 5 Joker in Smash Bros Ultimate was announced all the way back in December. While we had to wait a few months for the introduction of Piranha Plant, Joker will come in the Spring update.

No gameplay footage has been shown for Joker thus far. However, with his handgun and multiple personas, he could have one of the most unique movesets in the game.

2. New Smash Bros Ultimate Stage and Music

It’s also confirmed that Joker will come along with a new Smash Bros Ultimate stage. This will be the first new stage to come to Smash Ultimate since the game’s launch.

While this could be any location from Persona 5, leaks suggest we’ll get a Mementos stage. Mementos is known as the “Prison of Regression” and features many side quests, as well as the final battle, in Persona 5.

We’ll also get some tracks from Persona to accompany the new stage and character.

3. New Smash Bros Ultimate Bosses

Between over 70 characters, there are only 8 bosses in Smash Ultimate’s Classic Mode.

However, the new update could add some brand new bosses to the game. In a recent Famitsu column, Sakurai claimed he’s working on new Classic Mode runs and events.

This could mean we get some new Smash Bros Ultimate bosses. This could be all kinds of characters, from Palutena’s nemesis Medusa to Earthbound and Mother antagonist Porky Minch.

4. New Game Modes

The Smash Bros Ultimate Spring Update could also bring some brand new modes to the game. In fact, recent leaks suggest we’ll see the return of two classic game modes.

A Smash Bros Ultimate data miner found some information to suggest we’ll get a Smash Bros Ultimate Stage Builder, along with the return of the Home Run Contest.

It’s likely these additions will make it to the game in Super Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0. With Nintendo’s willingness to add new content, we could even see brand new game modes in the future.

5. Better Online Features

This one might be more wishful thinking, but if we’re lucky the new update could include some improved online features.

While the Single Player Online Mode has undergone improvements, it’s still hard for friends to play together. There’s no way to invite friends or add new people from previous matches.

Better social and ease-of-use features for the online mode would go a long way to improving the game.

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