From what’s been revealed so far, it seems that Smash Bros Ultimate will have a brand new Story Mode- Spirits Mode. What’s more, many predict the mode will include some brand new boss battles.

The previous Smash Bros Direct video had Simon Belmont fighting Dracula in a new Dracula’s Castle stage.

Rathalos from Monster Hunter also seems to be making an appearance in some kind of boss battle.

With that said, who else could be a boss character in Smash Bros Ultimate? Here are 5 more possibilities!

1. Medusa

Theories for Medusa in Smash Bros Ultimate have been picking up. Voice actor Cree Summer has shown interest. Plus the Kid Icarus villain is a Sakurai creation, and she’d make for a great foe for the Smash Bros Ultimate characters. If she doesn’t make it in as a Palutena Echo Fighter, expect to see her in a boss battle.

2. Vega

Street Fighter has plenty of great villains that could be used as boss battles, for instance, M Bison or Akuma. However, one of the first tracks posted on the official Smash Bros Ultimate website is Vega Stage. With leaks suggesting Ken in the Smash Bros Ultimate roster, maybe Vega will join as a boss for him to face off against.

3. Porky

Porky Minch (or Pokey) was previously a boss in the Smash Bros Brawl Subspace Emissary mode. Most of the main Nintendo characters in Smash Bros Ultimate now have their rivals to join them, so seeing Ness and Lucas’ rival show up wouldn’t be a surprise.

4. Dr. Eggman

Now Sonic has become a staple of the Smash Bros roster, it’s a great time to bring along his longtime nemesis. Dr. Eggman has taken on plenty of different forms in past games, so there’s tons of potential here for a good boss fight.

5. King Boo

With Luigi’s Mansion 3 announced for Nintendo Switch, what better way to celebrate than adding King Boo to Smash Bros Ultimate? Luigi was already shown with his new Poltergust in the Simon Belmont reveal trailer- maybe King Boo will come to battle him in a boss fight.

Other Potential Smash Bros Ultimate Boss Characters

Black Knight (Fire Emblem), Black Shadow (F-Zero), Samurai Goroh (F-Zero), Kamek (Yoshi Series), Marx (Kirby Series), Magolor (Kirby Series), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII), Mega Rayquaza (Pokemon)

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