What is the most toxic community?

Being part of a community is usually a positive thing; you can share opinions and advice with, for the most part, like-minded people.

That being said, there are some huge communities for top-rated games that are… not so lovely. If you try and go on their forums or have the misfortune of leaving your game chat on, you will know what we’re talking about.

So, what are the most toxic communities around? Which are the ones that will be saying mean things about your mum and telling you to “git gud, scrub”? Well, here are five of the most toxic.

1. Call of Duty

Never, ever listen to the lobby chat. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were one of the many, many things that the Daily Mail has claimed would give you cancer. 13 year-olds screaming and telling you to kill yourself, team-mates complaining because you’re doing well, and the various ‘HAXusations’ from everyone else.

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Not only is the in-game community horrible, but on sites like Twitch and YouTube, it is full of angry, angry boys.

In fact, COD brings the worst out in people, even your friends, and probably yourself. If you have never raged at something from a Call of Duty game, then you’re a filthy liar.

As far the most toxic community goes, COD is certainly up there.

2. Halo

If you thought COD was terrible… Halo can be just as bad. From team-killing to anyone and everyone teabagging you, Halo might be popular, but the community is the worst.

When you’re not getting team killed for your sniper rifle, you will be getting screamed at on a forum for never playing Halo 2.

3. Minecraft

What? Seriously? That game where you build stuff, and it looks like it belongs on an Acorn PC from your primary school? Yes! Minecraft caters to a particular kind of person, one that is creative but also a massive jerk.

That being said, Minecraft has been used by teachers and therapists to help creativity and problem solving – which is a good thing. However, if you have ever played on a large server, you will be well aware of the term ‘griefing’.

Basically, players will join servers to destroy your hard work, burning everything to the ground, and will just keep joining and griefing until they’ve had their ‘fun’ with you.

4. League of Legends and Dota 2

Obviously. Now, we’re grouping these two together because they really do go hand in hand, and have quite similar communities; bloody awful.

Both have people screaming at you in the game or in chat – spitting out orders because only they play the game correctly. If you’re a new player, then good luck trying to learn the game at your own pace. You’ll be getting told off for not being an esports legend after 20 minutes of game time.

Oh, and Tyler1, he’s the worst.

Most toxic community though? Yes, they both are really bad.

5. Counter-Strike

Funny that four of the five entries in this list are massive esports titles, right? Well, CS and especially CS:GO have some serious problems when it comes to player toxicity. Again, everyone expects you to know every MLG l337 callout for every map. They expect you to know all the ‘nade spots and these are players who are barely even bronze’s.

Add the fact that there are a lot of aimbotters and cheaters, and you’ve got a pretty toxic game.

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