Looking for a Fortnite and PUBG alternative? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

If you like Battle Royale games then you will have obviously played PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds or Fornite. Maybe you’ve played H1Z1 or even – god forbid – DayZ, but you’ve definitely tried one of the major titles.

Though Brendan Greene may have popularised the game type with the King of The Hill mod for Arma; there are now so many BR clones.

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So with so many on the market, what should you be playing except those trendy titles? Well, do not threat because I’ve had the pleasure of getting to grips with some of these and can confirm they are decent.

So here are five alternative Battle Royale games to play

Radical Heights

This game caused a bit of a stir when it first came out; usually, anything with Cliffy B involved does. However, once you get past some of the micro-transactions, you will find a very good – albeit unpolished – BR. The game has only had five months of development, so it clearly isn’t finished. That being said, the gunplay is particularly enjoyable – potentially even more so than Fortnite and PUBG.

The 80s theme is a very nice touch and something I can get on board with too.

2. The Darwin Project

Surviving the frozen wilderness while also trying to take on other players armed with everything – including a bow and arrow. The Darwin Project is a very different game to others on the market; players really do have to fend off the elements by building fires. Then there is the overseer who travels throughout the map and makes changes such as locking certain areas or even removing gravity.

A very interesting title if you want something a little more from your Fortnite and PUBG alternative.

3. Paladins Battlegrounds

A game that supposedly copied Overwatch is now copying Fortnite. However, I’m onboard with this because I am actually more of a Paladins guy that an Overwatch guy. And having spent a few hours in the very early alpha, Paladins effort in the BR market is surprisingly fun.

Players join the game with all the weapons and abilities that come with their champion; they just need to pick up different cards to tailor their build.

4. Dying Light: Bad Blood

Zombies + Battle Royale = fun, right? Well, this game hasn’t actually been released yet, but when it is, it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

That being said, you can sign up for the PlayTest server which will be released in the future.

5. Surviv.io

Balls out of the bath on this one; yes it looks like something someone made for Newgrounds. However, that is very much part of the fun; it seems like nothing you would imagine from an enjoyable Battle Royale game.

That being said, it is an incredible and very surprisingly enjoyable experience. The fundamental principle of the game is simple; you find loot, you get to a zone, and you kill people until you’re the only one left.

The top-down perspective is very interesting, and really, the learning curve is quite low while the enjoyment is very high.

Oh and the best bit is that it is a browser-based game so any potato PC will play it.

As a Fortnite and PUBG alternative goes, this one is perfect if you are wanting a few very quick games at work or on your commute home.

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