By the looks of things, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be the best in the series yet. While Melee, Brawl, and Smash 4 all have their perks, Smash Ultimate combines the best of the best, and with tons of features packed in, it’ll be hard to beat. Here are the 5 most exciting changes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate to look forward to.

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Roster

With 68 fighters, 6 Echo Fighters, and more still to come, the Smash Bros Ultimate roster is more stacked than ever before. Smash Bros for 3DS and WiiU featured 58 characters including DLC, so players could end up with 20 new characters to try out!

Some of the most interesting newcomers include Ridley, Simon Belmont, and King K Rool. Gameplay videos have already given us a taste of what to expect from these brand new fighters.

More characters are still rumored to appear, including the latest Smash Bros roster leak which includes 7 new characters!

New Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode

In the last Smash Bros Direct, Sakurai brought up about a brand new secret mode. From what we know, it looks like it’ll be a new Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode called ‘Spirits Mode’.

The mode will likely follow a similar formula to the Subspace Emissary in Smash Bros Brawl, with characters teaming up to take on bosses. With characters like Dracula and Rathalos from Monster Hunter shown as boss characters, this mode will be tons of fun, and might even offer a way to unlock characters.

Better Online Competitive Play

Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Switch Online service, offering high-quality online play for many games. It’s perfect timing, with Smash Bros Ultimate coming up in just over a month.

While the past two Smash games had online play, there were still some problems with unstable servers and bugs. Smash Bros Ultimate should finally give players the high-quality, competitive online play they need.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Squad Strike Mode

Smash Bros Ultimate also introduces Squad Strike Mode. The new Game Mode involves 3v3 or 5v5 battles where, every time a character dies, a new one jumps right into battle.

Not only will it be a fun way to try out all the new characters, but it can also be used for multiplayer play. You can have tag team battles with friends where you switch out characters each time you lose a stock.

It’ll even be used in competitive tournaments! SMASHADELPHIA 2018 will host a Smash Bros Ultimate Squad Strike tournament, which adds a whole new layer to the pro scene.

New Smash Bros Ultimate Stages

The stage changes also give us plenty to get excited about. There are 103 stages already confirmed and 5 more rumored for launch, giving plenty of new arenas to battle on.

What’s more, every single stage will have an Omega form for competitive play. You can even choose 2 stages to seamlessly transition between halfway through matches!

There are tons of other features to get excited about. With 800+ music tracks, new items, and the possibility of Smash Bros Ultimate becoming the next big esport, this will be the Ultimate Smash Bros game.

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