Are these the most surprising competitive games?

There are many more competitive games than you may realise. In fact, it isn’t just all about League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. Some really rather bizarre titles have got a competitive scene – whether that be speed running or as a classic esport.

So, what are the most strange? Well, we’ve already covered five before, but there are so many that we can do another list!

1. OSU!

A game that isn’t just for weebs who love their weeb music. This rhythm-based game is perfect if you are looking to improve your aim, and if you want to kill some time while waiting for something else to load.

Surprisingly though, there is actually a competitive scene for OSU, with a yearly World Cup bringing together the best of the best.

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Osu might very well be one of the most surprising competitive games around, and one of the hardest in my opinion.

2. WWE 2K series

Most 2K series are getting a huge esports launch. However, WWE hasn’t really made the leap to a proper competitive scene. That being said, there are fan-made leagues and competitions which allows players to not only use the official characters but their own created wrestler too.

You’d think with the popularity of WWE and the big sales of the game that some stretch for official competitive leagues would be there.

3. Super Mario series

Now, Mario has technically been a proper esport during the Nintendo World Championships of the late 80s and early 90s. However, we’re talking about the speed running competition scene there has been for close to three decades.

Speed running has become very popular on streaming platforms, so there is an audience for it, especially when someone has finished Super Mario World in just 42 seconds!

The current world record for the first Super Mario game is a whopping 4 minutes and 56 seconds which was done earlier this year by Kosmicd12.

4. Stronghold

Ah, I love Stronghold! While some of the newer games haven’t entirely been so great, the original Stronghold and Crusader are two of the best strategy games around.

And being able to play up to eight player multiplayer allows plenty of chaos. There are still tournaments you can get involved with if you are on the forums.

5. Sims

Erm, what? Yeah, incredibly, the Sims does actually have a competitive scene. I mean, there are no major tournaments or leagues or what have you, but fan made events.

So what are the rules? Well, as long as your not modding or cheating, that is it. Last Sim alive wins, so presumably games will last for days at a time.

It this one of the most surprising competitive games, yes? Absolutely!

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