Though playing by yourself on Fortnite is fun, it can also be very frustrating. That is unless you think you’re the second coming of Ninja, then more power to you.

However, if you’re like me, the most fun you can have while playing is by teaming up with your friends and messing about. That being said messing about is all well and good but getting that victory is even better.

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But what makes a good team-mate? What will help you get that victory and make you feel terrific about yourself?

Well, here are five key things that make an excellent Fortnite teammate.

1. Not running off


Sometimes we all want to be a lone wolf and do our own thing. However, if you are playing duos, you don’t want to see your buddy rushing off and getting into trouble.

If you do that, then please stop! All you are doing is getting not only yourself, but your teammates into trouble. Again, unless you are one of the best players around, you will get downed.

2. Not engaging all the time

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A friend of mine does this ALL THE TIME. He spots someone, shoots and then decides to say “oh there’s a guy over here”. This is usually followed by “Oh, I’m down now.” and now you’re entirely under pressure.

Unless it is essential, don’t start shooting at people without letting your teammate know.

3. They share the loot

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Sharing loot and not stealing loot is such a huge thing. There is no need for one player to have loads of material and legendary weapons, while the other has white weapons and like 20 wood.

However, the most significant thing is getting you and your teammate to full shields. A good teammate shares a mini or big potion and would try to get you to complete shield,  rather than take it all for themselves.

Finally, a good teammate doesn’t nab all the loot after you kill someone. That is unless they don’t have much, then I would say it was totally fair.

4. They can build

Sounds a little obvious for a game that’s niche is all about building. However, some teammates (the same one that runs off) refuses to do some actual building.

Having someone else you can rely on to be able to get into a building battle is undoubtedly handy. These battles can get pretty crazy, and if you end up down or out of material, a good teammate is so essential.

To be honest, if you find someone like Myth, you will have found yourself a really good Fortnite teammate. Just hold on to them forever and ever.

5. They know how to have fun

While the previous four entries and totally super serious, having fun is probably the most important thing.

Find someone to play with that will laugh if you impulse grenade them into the storm or C4 their bridge across a ravine. That really is what makes a good Fortnite teammate, isn’t it!

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