Do you like video game memes? Well, we’ve got them, dawg!

Who doesn’t love memes? I mean I once had a job where I literally posted memes all day and it was the best. There are memes on everything and anything. In fact, rule 50 of the internet is that memes can be anything – I think I might like it even more than rule 34…

Anyway, while the memes about longcats, smugleaf and steamed hams are peak internet gold, there are loads of gaming and esports related memes, and here are five of our favourites!

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Esports Ready

Ha, this one is great and perfectly encapsulates all the problems with new games when it comes to competitive potential. Yes, yes we are looking at you PUBG and how you had a competitive tournament before you had bothered to sort your servers out.

The basic concept of it is; show a derpy moment from a game which thinks it should be an esport.

That is basically it, simple and effective – it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Summit Molly

Probably my favourite esports meme because I find it all kinds of hilarious. If you don’t know by now, Summit1g is a streamer and a half decent Counter-Strike player who got a chance to join Splyce in 2016.

Despite playing pretty poorly, he got a chance to pull off a clutch play, only to walk into his own Molotov, die and lose the round. He now has his own spot on the map, and any time anyone dies to a molly in a competitive game, you will see thousands spamming ‘1G’ in the chat.


Cod Starter Pack

Call of Duty players can be kinda the worst at times, can’t they? Thankfully though, we’ve got these really dank memes to enjoy instead of having to engage with XxXxXSp33dDaemon420BlazeITCl0wnXXX, phew.

Probably the best COD meme is the COD starter pack – something which was a great template for memes a few years ago.

The COD is the best though: Gunner optics, Control Freaks, G Fuel and some Doritos. As video game memes go this one is pretty special.


༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE PLZ.

Yep, any DOTA 2 player will know exactly what this is.

However, if you need a bit of info, basically in 2012 DOTA released a Halloween event that introduced new game modes and maps. This was meant to be an annual thing, but when 2013 came around, there was no Diretide!

No players use to get Valves attention and even Swedish car company Volvo have used it ’cause you know, marketing.

Half Life 3 Confirmed

Yeah, not really an esports one but this is a titan, with some serious staying power. Ever since Half-Life 2 came out, we have been pining for a third instalment in Valve’s super popular FPS.

I mean, who doesn’t like Half-Life; creepy Headcrabs and all.

Anyway, for the past decade, there have been so many rumours, first starting with Valve employee Doug Lombardi confirming that there will definitely be a third game.

Since then if Valve to anything – and we mean anything – someone, somewhere will say ‘HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED!’.

This is the pinnacle of video game memes!

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