Can you think of any great games that don’t hold up at all?

Nostalgia is a great thing and I’ll be honest, looking at things with rose-tinted glasses is always nice. Everything is good when you are a kid, but when you decide to look back at what you loved, it probably wasn’t quite as good as you remember.

So, not to ruin your childhood or make your life even worse than it already is, we’re going to look back at some of those games that aren’t quite as amazing as we all thought.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

We all remember this game being absolutely brilliant, right? Well, if you go back and play it now you will notice a few things. First, the running animation is absolutely horrible, as is the general weird polygons before things became truly 3D.

Then there is just how stupid some of the missions are, I mean trying to blow up boats with a remote control aeroplane is not great. Finally, there is just how hard it is. Cops swarm you in seconds, they do loads of damage and will never let up unless you get your car sprayed.

Still, we all loved it at the time and as great games that don’t hold up go, this one is still pretty good.

Resident Evil

Yes, a revolutionary game and one that sold so, so many copies at the time. However, with classic lines such as ‘You were almost a Jill sandwich’, it is easy to see why it isn’t quite so brilliant. Though the opening cutscene was excellent, the graphics were pretty hoaky – well at least they are by today’s standards.

Seriously though, those voice actors!

Any old FIFA game


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You might think a lot of these entries are to do with graphics, but that’s certainly not the only reason; while the older FIFA games look bad, they also play poorly. Even one of my favourite games of all time, FIFA 99, feels like you’re trying to control players on ice.

Sadly, despite how good any of these games were, they really don’t hold up well now.


Similar to the previous entry, Morrowind is one of my favourite games of all time. I don’t really want to think about the number of hours I spent on this game, trying to bring down Daggoth Ur and his cronies. While at the time (17 years ago) it felt like one of the best looking games ever, it really doesn’t hold up now.

While I still love it, there are still things that are bad about it. The inventory system, the main story that drags on and on, and the ability to totally ruin your save by one small action.

Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow

WHAT?! No, stay with me here because I’ve got some valid points. Now, we’ve all played one of these, and for any 90s kid, they are a huge part of our childhood. However, if you actually think about the Pokemon meta at this time, and the game design, and compare it to something like Gold & Silver or Ruby & Sapphire, you will see the difference.

For starters, Psychic Pokemon are totally overpowered with only one real check to them in the form of Ghost. However, the fact that most Psychic types can learn ghost moves – that kind of negates it.

Then there are the sprites, the fact that there is little need to use any status or setup moves, and you don’t really have to correctly train your team – we’re left with a game which isn’t as great as we all thought.

Finally, there are SO many glitches – including the most notorious missingno glitch, which can corrupt saves and make all sorts of weird things happen.

As for great games that don’t hold up, this one still does for many people but once you have played the newer generations, there is no point going back.

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