What is your favourite glitch that became a key feature?

Glitches can either make you want to pull your hair out if they are game breaking, or they can make you laugh because they’re so derpy.

If you have ever played a Bethesda game, you will know all about what funny glitches are like – especially in Fallout. The majority of the time, these glitches really aren’t meant to be in the game and usually end up getting patched in the long run.

However, there are some glitches and weird errors that haven’t just found their way into a game but also actually were made into official features!

So here are five of those glitches that incredibly became key parts of a game.

1. Rocket jumping Doom/Quake

Probably the best glitch ever and one that changed the way FPS’ could be played.

Rocket jumping was seen in the original Doom but not quite as we know and love it now. That was mainly due to that fact you don’t jump or look up or down, so it was just the grenade effect that propelled you upwards.

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However, in Quake – the heir to Doom’s throne, we got proper rocket jumping. Well technically it was grenades, but it was the same process.

As it goes from a glitch that became a key feature, this one is one of the best.

2. The Spy – Team Fortress

Speaking of Quake, you might not know this, but Team Fortress was actually a mod for Quake, made by an Australian trio. The class-based shooter was a big hit, but there was one very odd glitch. Players would turn up as the wrong colour – so they looked like they were on the other team.

This was easily fixed but was the catalyst which spawned the idea for the spy. A class that can disguise themselves as the opposition to sneak into enemy lines.

Oddly, over a decade later, the spy would have another glitch thanks to the SpyCrab glitch. When taunting in disguise, player’s bodies would look all twisted and skewed.

3. Tribes – Skiing

Tribes has a bizarre mechanic in it that takes a little while to get used to; skiing. You appear to be moving normally, but in fact, you are walking along the field like you’re an Olympic skier.

Basically, quickly tapping the jump button allowed for players to slide and at great speeds.

Incredibly, this became a mechanic that was unique to Tribes, and it’s sequels – with Tribes Ascend making things even more accessible to get speed and even airtime on your skiing action.

4. Strafe jumping – Quake

We really have a lot to thank Quake for, don’t we! Well, mainly because it has given us two of the biggest features in FPS’s.

Anyone who has ever played an FPS game at a decent level will tell you that strafing and definitely strafe jumping is one of the most important things ever.

Basically while jumping, moving your A and D key moves your character whilst in mid-air, making you VERY hard to hit.

And now it is part of just about every FPS on the market!

5. Combos – Street Fighter II

The absolute staple of every fighting game over the past two decades. Combos are as much a part of fighting games as shooting is in FPS’s, or getting called a noob is in Dota 2.

Incredibly, they weren’t actually intended to be included in Street Fighter II – a game which was painstakingly developed by Capcom.

Producer Noritaka Funamizu thought that it would be too hard to pull off these super speed combination attacks so merely allowed them to stay in the game.

They went on to become one of the best features, and we all wanted to know what the best combo was in Street Fighter or Tekken.

For a glitch that became a key feature, this really did totally change fighting games as we know them.

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