Here are five esports you should try, if you want a reasonable shot at the big time.

Imagine getting paid to play video games? Even writing about it is pretty good, but we all know that the real money is in professional gaming.

With prize pools just getting bigger and bigger in recent years, the world of pro-gaming is some serious big business nowadays. So why not jump on the bandwagon while it is still hot… do bandwagons get hot? I don’t know.

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Anyway, there are some games that you absolutely need to get good at, to the point where you maybe could turn pro. It probably won’t happen, but it is worth a shot, right?

1. Fortnite

Yeah, what a shock. Though to be fair this game hasn’t quite got a proper competitive scene yet. However, it absolutely will, and as we’ve pointed out before, teams have already been recruiting some of the best players around.

The good thing about Fortnite is there is such a massive gap between bad players and good players that becoming good isn’t that hard really. As long as you can build, have good aim and a decent awareness of the storm, you should have no problems in getting the win.

Plus the game is only getting more and more popular, especially in recent months, so getting yourself in the top 100 might be well worth it.

2. Clash Royale

Yeah, a weird one but this game has just been announced to be becoming a full-blown esport. Though it might be a mobile game, it does have a lot of legitimacy about it, especially with the number of high-tier teams that have joined.

The game does have a good match-making system, so as you get better, you will play better players, which will help you improve.

Surely there will be plenty of money within the game, so we’re fairly sure that it will be totally worth the time investment.

Oh and it is sort of ‘Pay2Win’ so as up and coming esports go, this one helps if you have a few spare quid to spend.


Duh. If playing Fortnite and getting good is worth it then playing PUBG is equally worth it.

Now, PUBG has somewhat dropped in popularity compared to Fortnite, but it is still one of the biggest games around at the moment. It has also managed to put out a few competitive tournaments –  though flawed, they still made for a good watch.

There is a bit of a learning curve to get a hold of, but like Fortnite, there will be a massive fanbase and plenty of dollars for years to come.

4. NBA 2K

Games about sports that end up becoming an esport – that is very meta.

Anyway, any of EA’s franchises look like a good shout if you fancy yourself as a pro gamer. However, NBA 2K18 looks like it could very well be a massive hit. Especially with it having the backing of the NBA league and franchises already sold around the US.

The inaugural league has a fantastic prize pool, and players get pretty crazy benefits and wages.


You know what I just said about NBA? Yeah, well that all applies for FIFA as well. Recent years have seen competitive FIFA, primarily based on Ultimate Team, becoming hugely popular.

In fact, the MLS has already got their own FIFA league which has seen each club snap up some of the best players around. Again, the perks are huge, and there has been some talk of the Premier League following suit.

As esports go that you should try this might be the easiest and the most fun.

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