With one of the most dominant reigns ever by Astralis in 2018, some new upcoming CS:GO players, and brand new CS:GO teams forming, it was an interesting year for CS:GO. However, some end of year CS:GO roster changes could make 2019 even more exciting. Here are 5 CS:GO teams to watch out for in 2019.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid were a force to be reckoned with in 2019. But despite many incredible showings at tournaments, they regularly struggled to make it past the runner up spot- especially against world #1 team Astralis.

But with Stewie2k taking over TACO’s place and adreN taking the coach role, Team Liquid will definitely look different in 2019. Keep an eye out to see how the new team do.

Virtus Pro

The past 2 years have been disappointing for VP fans. The team once known as the plow broke into pieces, and despite many roster changes, they couldn’t seem to achieve their old level of success.

The latest Virtus Pro roster changes bring back byali and Snax along with TOAO, MICHU, and Snatchie. Whether the team will finally find some stability is yet to be seen.


Made In Brazil is another team that seemed to lose its identity in 2018. The Brazilian core were once known as world greats, winning two back-to-back majors. However, after losing TACO and felps and bringing in Stewie2k and tarik, the team didn’t have a whole lot of success.

Now, TACO and felps are back and MIBR could be the true Brazilian powerhouse they used to be.


The Finnish roster truly made it look EZ 4 ENCE this year. While they still sit outside the top 10, ENCE won numerous tournaments in 2018 and continued to improve.

With the experience of allu, top up-and-comer sergej, and a dedicated worldwide fanbase, ENCE could become one of the top CS:GO teams in 2019.

Team Vitality

The French CS:GO scene has been in a lull for a while. G2’s attempt at a French superteam failed, and many top French players were left in the dust.

However, Team Vitality CS:GO looks like an interesting project so far. NBK, apEx, and Happy have united, along with RPK and ZyWoo. It’ll be interesting to see how this team grows and develops in 2019.

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