Are these the competitive games with the toughest learning curve?

There are some games, you know like Call of Duty, where you can just jump on and have some decent games. In fact, COD is up there with one of the games with the easiest learning curves out there.

Anyway, the point is that some games have a very steep learning curve – especially ones with a competitive scene. It might take you a few hundred hours to get to grips with all the little mechanics and nuances to keep up with some of the better players.

So here are five competitive games which we think have some of the steepest learning curves around.

1. StarCraft

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I am dreadful at StarCraft, seriously. I’ve tried for many years to get good or at least enough to not get my backside handed to me in every game.

However, the sheer amount of micromanagement that you need to do is incredible, and I’m not sure many of us have the time to put a ton of hours into the game really?

In fact, my experience of playing StarCraft was just getting Zerg’d over and over and OVER again. as Competitive games with the toughest learning curve, StarCraft is right up there!

2. Dota 2

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The basic concept of DOTA isn’t really that tough to get the hang of. However, there is one big problem that is sure to put off new players, the community.

Yeah, the DOTA player base isn’t exactly the friendliest, especially if you’re not pulling your weight, even in just casual games.

There are so many characters, play styles, and lingo that you need to get your head around that you have a big uphill battle on your hands.

3. Counter-Strike

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Yep, the total opposite of Call of Duty. The skill gap between good CS players and average CS players is huge. If you have ever seen any footage of the likes of Summit or MikeKerr trying to keep up with pro-players, you will know how far the gap is.

Not only do you need to master just about every gun and its recoil, but you need to work well with your team. If you come up against a semi-organised squad and you’re left with four randoms, you will probably have a horrible time.

Oh, and then there’s the way you need to manage your money, know ‘nade spots and jumps. However, when you do, it feels fantastic.


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Now, this might come as a bit of a shock to some of you. That being said, again the gap between pro-players and casual players is just ridiculous. Then again, the gap between total scrubs and pub-stompers (like me) is also pretty huge.

Whether you’re playing Ultimate Team and need to figure out what players you need where, or if you’re just playing Head 2 Head; there is a lot to learn about the game.

Again, you might not think it because it is ‘just a sports game’. However, you need to have razor sharp reactions, great tactics and patience if you want to succeed. Surprising, but seriously one of the competitive games with the toughest learning curve

5. Street Fighter V

To be fair any Street Fighter game has a high skill-cap and any fighting game for that matter. Unless you are Rainman, it will take you a long time to get all those moves and special moves embedded into your brain.

Now, the thing with Street Fighter is, anyone can get good at it, but seriously – the time it takes to get to that point is exhausting.

Like everything, you need to put the effort in but expect some calluses from all the button bashing.

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