With tons of celebrity gamers out there, it’s only fitting that one of the biggest fighting games of all time gets a lot of love from celebs. From Melee to WiiU, there are many celebrities that play Smash Bros. Here are five of them.

1. Dylan Sprouse

Of all the celebrities that play Smash Bros, Dylan Sprouse might be the biggest fan of them all. He previously held a Reddit AMA on the r/smashbros subreddit about his desire to commentate a Smash Bros event- a dream which later came true.

He mains Yoshi in Melee and King Dedede in Brawl. He’s not just a fan of the main games either- he’s even turned down Victoria’s Secret models for some time with Mewtwo on competitive Melee mod Project M.

2. Travis Scott

Known as a rapper, Kylie Jenner’s partner, and long-time Kanye collaborator, Travis Scott is also a Smash player.

An Instagram live stream from August shows he likes to play Super Smash Bros Brawl in his time off. From the looks of things, he’s a Fox main.

3. Ninja

This one might be cheating a little bit since he’s famous for being a gaming streamer. But while Ninja is known for playing Fortnite, he’s also shown many times before he’s a huge Smash Bros Melee fan!


He even offered to add $50k to the prize pool if Mang0 won Melee at Shine 2018. Luckily for him, Zain saved him some money. With his love for the game, maybe Ninja could be a Smash Bros Ultimate streamer in future.

4. Zac Efron

Zac Efron has shown his gaming fandom various times, playing Battlefield at E3 and playing Mario Kart 8 with Seth Rogen and Conan.

He’s also a Smash Bros player. After Smash Bros for WiiU was released, he called out Ryan Rottman to settle it in Smash.

5. Zelda Williams

The late Robin Williams named his daughter after Princess Zelda, so it’s no surprise she’s a massive fan of Super Smash Bros!


Zelda Williams has competed in multiple celebrity Smash Bros events against other famous players like Robbie Amell and Keegan Allen. Recently she took part in the E3 2018 Smash Bros Invitational, playing her namesake’s alter-ego Sheik.

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