New Overwatch Hero Wrecking Ball (also known as Hammond) rolled out just last week and we’ve already seen some amazing Overwatch Hammond plays.

Users on the Overwatch Reddit have been showing us how to play Wrecking Ball with some great highlights and POTGs. Here’s 5 of the absolute best.

Nano-boosted Wrecking Ball Destroys with Pile Driver

Hammond’s Pile Driver is a pretty powerful move. Gee, I wonder how good it’d be when combined with Ana’s Nano Boost?

Reddit user Tealkan showed us just what it can do, knocking out 200HP enemies with this brutal slam.

Hammond can kill 200HP targets by swinging into Slam while nanoboosted.
byu/Tealkan inOverwatch

Overwatch Wrecking Ball Knocks Enemies off the Stage

Of course, one of Hammond’s best assets is his movement. You can swing with the grappling hook then smash into enemies at breakneck speed.

DeadRadical put it to the test by swinging around the corner to kill 3 enemies at once, sending them flying off the map.

When the Hammond Play in your head actually happens
byu/DeadRadical inOverwatch

Hammond Recovers From A Close Call

Ever had that moment in Smash Bros. where you’re about to fall off the stage then come back to win with a cheeky Up-B?

Redditor EHRW showed us the Overwatch equivalent with this ballsy play.

Close call comes back with the save
byu/ehrw inOverwatch

Spin Me Right Round

Kopynator put Wrecking Ball’s abilities in a nutshell in this highlight. He grapples around a wall to knock 3 enemies off the point then takes another out with his quad cannons.

Hammond is so much fun
byu/Kopynator inOverwatch

Best Overwatch Hammond POTG: Slam Dunk!

One of the best Overwatch Hammond plays goes to u/lolwutfakkthat. This clip sees Hammond rolling through the streets of King Row before slam dunking on 4 enemies. Top respect.

TFW you’re accidently wrecking the enemy team with your ball
byu/lolwutfakkthat inOverwatch

Already Hammond is one of the funnest characters to play. His movement, grappling hook, and pile driver lead to plenty of great POTGs.

That sums up the top 5, but you can find plenty more Wrecking Ball highlights at r/Overwatch. Feel free to post your own down in the comments below!

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