When it comes to CS:GO YouTubers, it doesn’t get much bigger than 3kliksphilipElecspo’s Charlie Koncher caught up with Philip at the CS:GO FACEIT Major to talk about his YouTube success and his opinions on the event.

3kliksphilip Interview

(0:00) Charlie: I’m Charlie from Elecspo here with 3kliksphilip at the London Major, how are you doing?

(0:04) Philip: I’m doing very well thank you. I’ve lost my voice a bit!

(0:07) Charlie: This is the biggest esports event by far we’ve ever had in London, how do you think it’s gone?

(0:11) Philip: I think it’s great. Honestly, I love the venue, I love the fact that it’s in England- it’s good for me! It’s a shame the matches have been so close to be honest.

(0:22) Charlie: Yeah, it’s been a bit one-sided. Who do you think will win in the final? We’ve got Astralis and NaVi in the final, who’ve you got?

(0:26) Philip: I think Astralis will win but I hope it’s close, I hope it goes to 3 matches for once!

(0:33) Charlie: What do you think about the smooya hype train?

(0:35) Philip: I think it’s great. I’ve actually spoken with him about it. He said it was a bit weird at first but he’s okay with it now!

(0:43) Charlie: Everyone knows you for your YouTube channels and you always get questions about when you’re bringing certain series back, do you have any plans to bring any of your series back?

(0:50) Philip: You just need to look on kliksphilip. And you’ll see that I’ll say something then I’ll go completely against it in the next few days. So I’ll say I really wanna do a Counter Strike series then I’ll never do it.

I think the latest one was, you know the flashbacks? I have a certain song for it, I said I can’t use any other song for that. Then the next video I make is the Age of Empires one where I use Age of Empires music, so yeah, I lie all the time!

(1:12) Charlie: What’s been your favorite match you’ve watched so far?

(1:15) Philip: Honestly, I haven’t really seen many! I’ve spent most of my time talking to people, meeting people, and getting footage as well. But I liked the Nuke map last night.

(1:24) Charlie: you just mentioned that you haven’t really seen so many games. You’ve got that shiny convention badge on, what have you been up to at the Major mainly?

(1:31) Philip: Filming. And meeting people! I feel like it’s my job here just to meet people. It’s my one chance to do it- the one time I’m away from my computer screen!

(1:39) Charlie: So you’ve got multiple ‘kliksphilip’ channels. What made you divide them up into 2kliksphilip, 3kliksphilip, and not just have a Philip?

(1:49) Philip: I made the mistake of making 3kliksphilip at first. Then I thought, oh no, people will steal 2kliksphilip! So I got that one as well, and then kliksphilip. And then I thought now I need to fill it with content, and then there’s 1kliksphilip and 1klikphilip and so many combinations.

Never have numbers in your name, it’s a bad idea! It just came about through that really.

(2:05) Charlie: So the videos that you’re making, is that for your own channel or that for the FACEIT media stream?

(2:10) Philip: Basically FACEIT have invited me along, very kindly given me access, and they said make a good video. So I’m trying to make a good video.

(2:16) Charlie: You mentioned it’s nice that it’s in London, have you been to a Major before outside the country?

(2:22) Philip: Yeah, I’ve been to Cologne. Cologne is kind of like the benchmark for tournaments. It’s huge, it’s established. I’ve been to Katowice, and one in Oakland in America. So yeah, I’ve been all over the place really.

(2:36) Charlie: How does this stand up? I know it’s not fair to compare them, but how does London compare to Oakland and Katowice?

(2:40) Philip: It’s difficult to compare them. They’re all different, I like them all for their own reasons. But I think this is one of the bigger ones, I mean it feels big. And the fact that’s in England, you know, I like supermarkets, we have good supermarkets in England. So to me it’s quite high on the list! So yeah, it’s good.

(2:58) Charlie: Do you think there’ll be another FACEIT Major in London?

(3:00) Philip: I hope so, yeah. I think this one’s gone well so far. As far as the matches, you have no control over that. But hopefully the final’s good. I think that’ll be the one that people remember.

(3:14) Charlie: You’re now on Reddit more than ever and people are always asking when are you going to do an AMA. Have you got an AMA in future?

(3:28) Philip: I did one, but now I see no reason to do it for a while. Once I feel there’s enough questions to ask, but otherwise people can just ask me and I’ll answer it as soon as I can. I don’t need an Ask Me Anything for that. You just found me and asked me some questions!

(3:45) Charlie: Thank you so much for speaking to us!

(3:47) Philip: Thank you!

Philip covers everything from in-depth analysis on in-game stats to how much chickens make a difference in CS:GO on his channel YouTube.com/3kliksphilip. He also covers other games and vlogs on his other channels 2kliksphilip and kliksphilip.

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