The Nintendo Switch console had a great 2018. According to stats from Nintendo, it surpassed 32 million units sold by the end of 2018, despite only being launched in March 2017. Yet, despite all that, rumor has it there will be 2 new Nintendo Switch consoles to come in 2019. One will be a bigger version with more impressive features. The other will be a mini version primed for portable gameplay. Here’s more on the new Nintendo Switch consoles.

New Nintendo Switch Consoles: Switch Mini and Switch XL?

Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Nintendo is working on an upgraded version of the Switch. Now, there are even more details on not one but two new Switch consoles.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the two new Nintendo Switch consoles could come as early as 2019. These will aim to keep sales high for Nintendo with each console aimed at a different kind of user.

One of the new consoles will be a bigger version of the Nintendo Switch. It will have a larger, crystal screen and better specs. This release will be much like what the PS4 Pro is to the original PlayStation 4.

The other console will be a mini, handheld version of the Nintendo Switch. While you can already use the Switch in handheld mode, this version will be smaller and not have removable joy-cons.

It’s a similar move to what Nintendo did with the 3DS. The 2DS suits users on a smaller budget, whereas the New 3DS XL has much better specs and even plays some games the other consoles can’t.

When Will We See The New Nintendo Switch Consoles?

The Wall Street Journal reports that we could get the release of the two new Switch consoles as soon as Summer 2019. However, the official announcement is expected to come at E3 2019 in June.

Nintendo has some big releases set for the year. Pokémon Sword and Shield should be available in November 2019. It’s possible that Nintendo will launch the console with the new Pokémon title and new Animal Crossing to boost sales.

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