We now know the first two Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters- Piranha Plant and Joker. However, with four more DLC Packs set to come before 2020, there are tons of possibilities. New leaks and rumors have brought up various potential Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters. Here are 10 of the possibilities.

Potential Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters

1. Erdrick

Erdrick, a protagonist from the Dragon Quest series, is the most likely next character for the Smash Bros Ultimate DLC roster. He’s been brought up in various Smash Bros DLC leaks. Credible Smash Bros leaker Vergeben also claims Erdrick seems like a strong possibility.

Vergeben Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Leaks

A Smash Bros Ultimate data-miner also found files for a character codenamed “Brave”. This could very well refer to the Dragon Quest hero.

2. Minecraft Steve

Minecraft Steve seems like an odd choice for a Smash Bros Ultimate character. However, he’s another character brought up in various leaks.

The Minecraft character has been brought up in leaks ever since before the game’s launch. Multiple credible leakers have vouched for his inclusion, and new leaks continue to mention him.

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3. Sylux

Metroid Prime is a flagship Nintendo Series, and with the Metroid Prime 4 release date leaked, there could be a Smash Bros Ultimate tie-in.

A Smash Bros Ultimate leak claimed that Sylux is being considered for Smash Bros Ultimate. Sylux is set to be the main antagonist of Metroid Prime 4, so this could be a legitimate possibility.

4. Edelgard

Another big release coming this year for the Switch is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The Smash Bros DLC leak which brought up Sylux also said Edelgard is a possibility. One of the Three Houses main characters, Edelgard uses swords, axes, and magic to fight. Given the love for Fire Emblem characters in Smash Bros, it isn’t impossible.

5. Crono

One of the most exciting possibilities brought up in a DLC leak is Crono for Smash Bros Ultimate. The protagonist of the legendary Chrono Trigger made his home on the Super Nintendo and also a 3DS remake. This is a character that fans have wanted for many years- will he finally make the roster?

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6. DOOM Marine

Another legendary character that has a lot of support in fan polls is the Marine from DOOM. Also known as DOOM Guy or DOOM Slayer, the main character of DOOM is an icon of first person shooters.

A leak said that DOOM Marine will make the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster to tie-in with the release of DOOM Eternal for the Switch.

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7. Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa is the main protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden series. He’s also been mentioned in a Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leak, along with Steve, DOOM Marine, and Erdrick. Although this one seems a little less likely than other possibilities, Nintendo is full of surprises.

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8. Neku Sakuraba

Neku Sakuraba is another possibility brought up in a leak. The main character of The World Ends With You would definitely make a unique fighter. TWEWY got a Switch re-release in 2018, and Neku in Smash Bros Ultimate would give the game a boost.

9. Banjo Kazooie

A poll of most wanted Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters had Banjo Kazooie at the very top. Past leaks with the characters have been letdowns, but with the huge fan support behind the characters, it could still happen. Microsoft and BK’s creator have given their blessings, so if Nintendo want to use Banjo Kazooie in Smash, they can.

10. Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong is another character with a lot of fan support. She could work either as a Diddy Kong Echo Fighter or a standalone character. With King K Rool now in the game, Dixie Kong would fit right in.

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