Is esports a sport? Uh well, there hasn’t really been a definitive answer to that one, though I would say it actually is. There is a reason that the likes of Germany and South Korea are pushing for gaming to be an Olympic Sport.

However, with the mainstream media just figuring out that ‘hey, video games are actually huge’; we get to listen to ‘experts’ on the subject, such as those on the Today Show in Australia.

Now, while no one should really care about what anyone on the Today Show has to say, there was plenty of hilarious backlash on Twitter, which made us have a chuckle.

While one of them did defend esports and gaming in general, the others were a bit more derogatory about it, with one saying: “It’s not a sport, a sport gets your heart-rate up.


“All you do in gaming is twiddle your thumbs.”

Ouch! Clearly, she has never been left in a 1 vs 4 on Fortnite without much material or ammo left. Stuff like that makes your heart jump out of your chest!

As you can imagine, the reaction to these ‘experts’ on Twitter was just fantastic, especially the replies to those defending the ‘esports is not a sport’ argument.

Best reaction on Twitter to is Is esports a sport:

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