Sometimes it’s a hard choice between equipping the M4A1-S or M4A4 in CS:GO, but a few good skins can make all the difference. The M4A1-S has some of the coolest cheap skins available in the game. Here are the top 5 best M4A1-S skins in CS:GO.

1. M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire

CS:GO M4A1-S Chanticos Fire

By far one of the best looking and most eye-catching designs in the game. This red and yellow hand-painted design looks perfect on the M4A1-S, making it one of the most popular choices of skins for players and pros.

A factory new M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire currently goes for around $65 on the Steam Market, which isn’t too bad for such a sought-after skin. You can also get this rare covert rifle in the Chroma 3 Case.

2. M4A1-S Golden Coil

CS:GO M4A1-S Golden Coil

This regal design really accentuates the M4A1-S. It’s snakeskin silencer in particular looks awesome, but the serpent hydrographic and the golden notes also make it one of the best M4A1-S skins.

At around $25 – $35 for a Factory New Golden Coil on the Steam Market, this is a pretty good deal for such a unique CS:GO skin. It’s also in the Shadow Case.

3. M4A1-S Hyper Beast

CS:GO M4A1-S Hyper Beast

Not to be confused with Hypebeast- although it does have style. Hyper Beast features a psychedelic, almost comic book style drawing of some kind of deadly beast.

It’s found in the Chroma 2 Case, but you can also get it Factory New on the Steam Market at around $45.

4. M4A1-S Knight

CS:GO M4A1-S Knight

If you want to spruce up your M4A1-S but still keep it stealthy, M4A1-S Knight is the perfect skin. It keeps the jet black silencer but with more of a shiny metallic black and gold body.

On the downside, it’s pretty expensive for such a low key skin. It currently goes for around $323 on the Steam Market. This is mainly thanks to its rarity- it’s a Classified Rifle not found in any case.

5. M4A1-S Mecha Industries

CS:GO M4A1-S Mecha Industries

If you prefer the high-tech robotic look, Mecha Industries looks like something out of Transformers or Gundam Wing. It’s a pretty great look for the M4A1-S, especially with the sleek white silencer.

You can take a gamble on getting this in the Gamma Case. However, it’s relatively cheap to buy it on the Steam Market at around just $20 Factory New.

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