Do you know what some of the longest lasting esports games are?
It might be exploding in the mainstream, but competitive gaming has been around forever.

Well, at least for a few decades, and there have been loads of particular games brought into the esports scene. From the likes of the Nintendo World Championships to Tetris have had ‘esports’ scenes but probably not in the fashion you’re used to these days.

But what is the longest active esports game? The one that has got big-name players, teams and sponsors wanting to get involved?

Well, today we’re looking at three of the longest lasting current esport titles.

1. StarCraft

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This belter is 20-year-old this year and still has a powerful competitive scene; especially since the remaster was released last year.

In fact, it is the second expansion which is the one in the rotation now, but that was still released back in 1998. Incredibly, the fact that StarCraft II was released almost eight years ago hasn’t slowed the original releases popularity.

In fact, a tournament held in September of last year had a prize-pool of over $100,000 and was won by legendary player Lee “Flash” Young Ho.

Still going strong and no sign of slowing down, as longest lasting esports games this one is absolutely up there.

2. Super Street Fighter II Turbo

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One of the best fighting games of all time and there were quite a few versions of the game. However; it is the Turbo edition which is the most popular.

First released all the way back in 1994, SSF II Turbo is still incredibly popular, especially on the esports scene. With regular spots at the most important fighting tournament in the world, EVO, the game still has pretty big prize-pools.

Crazy that a game that came out almost 25 years ago is still popular enough to have a competitive scene; If only I wasn’t terrible with everyone except Zangrief.

3. Counter-Strike

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Okay, so this is more of a series than a straightforward game, but we’re going to include it. In fact, vanilla CS had an incredible lifespan of well over a decade until the release of Global Offensive.

With over $47,828,253 being earned in CS: GO, more than $10m in vanilla and over $2m in 1.6.

Even CS: GO is now six years old and only going from strength to strength – with Cloud9, FaZe Clan and NiJ dominating the scene.

It really is one of the  longest lasting esports games, with the original Half-Life mod coming up to being almost 20.

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