Need a hand to know what the best esports keyboards are? We got you!

Did you know it is a scientific FACT that if you have the same equipment as professionals, you’re just as good as them?

I mean, that is a stone cold lie, but it is always nice to know that you are using some of the best stuff around – as long as you have the money.

Moniker release first ever eSports exclusive performance wear line for gamers

Now, some may throw out the phrase ‘all the gear and no idea’ but if you have the best esports keyboards, then you’re going to play better.

So, if you’re in the market for a new one, hear are three esports rated keyboards:


One of the best balances between customisability and compactness. The K70 is a cracking keyboard, with a beautiful RGB backlight which looks just lovely.

Despite the fact the keys are Cherry Red MXs, it is still pretty quite while remaining very precise and easy to press.

With it being super light, you would have no problem carrying to LAN events but it isn’t so light that you can easily move it on your desk whilst playing.

The only downside really is the price – £169 from Corsair, but you can get it for cheaper else where. Still if you’ve got the money, look no further.

Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

I’m a big fan of this one probably because it is the keyboard I own! Now, while I have used all these keyboards, the V2 is probably the best I’ve ever used.

Made to take more than 80million key presses and it comes with an option of Green, Yellow and Orange switches, so you can get a clicky key if you need it.

With 5 macros and the Razer Synapse being a great little tool, you can easily programme them to do anything you want and change the lovely RGB lighting as well.

One of the biggest and best parts of the keyboard is the magnetic cushioned wrist rest which is just a treat to use.

It is a bit on the expensive side, but cheaper than the Corsair counterpart, at just £134

Sumvision Sonic Wave

So, we’ve looked at a few cheaper keyboards, but this is easily the best esports keyboard on a budget. At just £25, you get an RGB mechanical keyboard with anti-ghosting an a pretty nifty wrist rest.

No, for that little amount, don’t expect to be getting something to rival the more established boards, but if you’re on a budget and want a mechanical keyboard, then look no further.

The keys are responsive for the most part but they do wear a little over time…however you did only spend £25 so what can you moan about?