The first Realm Royale 100K tournament was held this week, and the big names did not fare so well.

The Realm Royale invitational usually invites the best-ranked Realm players and influential streamers from the Paladins community.

However, the Thursday event is more about getting all the big hitters from Twitch involved. Shroud, Ninja and Summit1g all took part in the event, but only Shroud enjoyed any success.

The Winners

The overall winners of it were OverpoweredOW and Sonii who picked up the fewest points despite not taking the first two games. The duo split $50,000 – impressive considering they got no kills. They didn’t even get a decent placement in their final two games.


Former Counter-Strike pros Shroud and Jotobo took home $30,000, taking the first game but eventually falling 15 points short of first place.

Shroud Came Second

As for Ninja and Summit, well both of them finished well down the ladder. Both saw their viewership dropping off – with Ninja well under 40,000 while playing the game.

It will be interesting to see if the game’s popularity will see a boost with more big streamers taking part as the weeks go on.

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