Sorry, Halo Online is dead… sort of.

Halo on PC has always been a decisive matter. In fact, when Microsoft hooked up with 343, and in the process beat Apple to the Halo franchise, every PC player thought they were getting a new FPS. However, Microsoft instead decided to make it a launch title for the original Xbox, and any Halo game that made it to PC was several years too late.

Microsoft and co have tried to bring a proper Halo game to PC with Halo 5 Forge being released via Windows 10. A game that was critically panned by all PC players thanks to it being an inferior console port. It seemed that this was the final nail in the coffin of us ever getting a proper Master Chief experience on mouse and keyboard.

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That was until Halo Online, which was initially made as a PC title by Russian developers hired by Microsoft. While that project was pulled, the devs gave the files to modders who took over and helped launch the game in an alpha build. Halo Online only officially started a few weeks ago and was receiving high praise from many.

Every PC player and Halo fan was pleased with the game, finally getting their DMRs and energy sword fun. That was until both Microsoft and 343 ordered a cease order last night.


343 Industries revealed in a blog post on HaloWaypoint that all parties have started legal actions but pointed that they are open to ‘positive discussions’. While this is disappointing, there is some potential in this, with the 343 team writing:

“The ElDewrito team is understandably upset at this outcome given the time they’ve each invested in this project, but they understand the legal implications and the need to press pause on this work.

“One thing remains clear – the community wants more Halo on PC. As we look ahead, we’re very excited about the prospects of an official classic.”

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Halo Online – for the time being – is still available if you have it installed. However, if the discussion between the Halo team and ElDewrito goes well, they could end up helping the production of a future release on PC.

Get playing Halo Online while you still can.

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