According to rumours, it appears that Shanghai Dragons could be signing the first ever female Overwatch League player.

18-year-old Kim Se-yeon aka Geguri has been a received plenty of notoriety after accusations from other players claiming that she was hacking.

In fact, several players claimed this to the point where they put their careers on the line if she was proven not to be, and guess what? She was actually just so good she received loads of ‘hackusations’.

So far in her short career, she has been the youngest player at the Apex scene and the first female; having already played for UW Artisan, ROX Orcas and EHOME Spear.

And now according to reports from ESPN who had sources tell them she is one of three other Korean players signing to the team.

Shanghai had a terrible debut preseason in the OL, finishing dead last winning just two games out of nine.

The team would definitely need her, not just for publicity to have one of the few professional female players – but an amazing tank.

That being said Genguri did tweet the following, “I don’t want people to use my story as a way to forward their own ideologies.”

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But judging by just how good she is, Shanghai surely wouldn’t be signing her as a publicity stunt, but rather to give them a better chance in the OL – which they absolutely need at the moment.

Neither the Overwatch League nor Shanghai Dragons have yet to confirm the reports, so watch this space.

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