A Red Dead Redemption Battle Royale? Just take my money now!

Unless you simply hate video games, then you won’t be excited about the long-awaited Red Dead Redemption sequel.

It is something I think anyone with a heart has been pining for since the first games initial release back in 2010, and we’re hopefully going back to the wild west this fall.

At least, if the game doesn’t get pushed back again…Look Rockstar, just give me it! I need it!


If getting back on the horse, going to salons and dealing with banditos isn’t enough, it appears like Red Dead 2 could just take advantage of the most popular game type at the moment; Battle Royales.


Yep, according to TrustedReviews, who were given detailed notes on the game from a ‘reliable source’, the game will include a Battle Royale mode.

This could be incredible news not for just general gamers, but could Rockstar finally be willing to enter the world of eSports?

Obviously, with the game coming out later this year, there is the question of will BR games still be massively popular; but really all signs point to yes.

And this is surely big news for not only Rockstar but potential teams who could look into the possibility of running leagues or tournaments in the game.

Via Rockstar Press Release

Three of the oldest professional gamers currently active

One thing is for sure, a Red Dead BR would certainly be a niche game. H1Z1 and PUBG have already taken the ‘realistic’ BR mode, while Fortnite and potentially Paladins have got the cartoony style covered.

A 100-person Battle Royale in the wild west where you would not only take on other players but the harsh wilderness and the wildlife would make for an incredible PVP/PVE hybrid.

In fact, a move away from the standard ‘circle’ to force players into smaller zones could work well – similar to how The Hunt Showdown forces players to move to reach objectives rather than be moved by a storm.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Red Dead Redemption 2 Battle Royale news to see if these rumours are true…Good god, I hope they are.

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