The Red Dead Redemption 2 pre-order bonus is something to get excited about (assuming you’re into pre-ordering games)!

Red Dead Redemption is going to be one of the biggest selling games of the year, if not the decade. The hype surrounding this game has been building over the past few months, following several exciting trailers that have got us waiting with anticipation.

With such high sales expected, Rockstar has added some pretty nifty pre-order bonuses, and special editions, to entice people to dig deep into their wallets.

It has been revealed that there are going to be four versions of the game for you to buy, which range from £54.99, right up to a whopping £89.99.

Now, we all know that you will probably be buying the game, so which version should you get? Well, we’ll we’re going to give you the lowdown about each version so you can help make up your mind.

Standard version: £54.99

Want the game? Great! For this price, you will get the game at launch, and not much more. However, if you pre-order the game for digital download, you will get $500,000 of in-game cash for GTA Online.

If you are tight on cash and don’t want to wait for sales down the line, then you should head for this option.

Special Edition: £74.99


This could be the best option if you want some cool in-game bonuses, as well as some physical goodies. You get exclusive content, including a bank robbery and a gang hideout, a special horse, and access to cash bonuses.

You are also treated to a gunslinger outfit, and most importantly – three weapons, the Volcanic Pistol, a devastating Pump Action Shotgun, and the versatile Lancaster Varmint Rifle.

As for physical goodies, you’ll be granted a rather beautiful map of the areas within Red Dead Redemption 2.

Ultimate Edition: £89.99

via Rockstar

Getting pricier now, but this version includes all of the same stuff from the previous Special Edition, with more bonuses for online, special outfits, new weapons, and a special horse. There’s also a ‘survival camp’ mode which we’re not entirely sure what it is, but we’re sure Rockstar will deliver.

Collector’s Box: £89.99

Via Rockstar

If you have a spare £90 kicking about in your back pocket, you might want to snap up this collectors box. You’ll bag yourself this great looking metal tin which includes; playing cards, coins, a puzzle, a bandana and a 150-page Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue that shows all items available in the game.

This sounds like an incredible option until you realise that you don’t actually get any in-game items nor do you get the game itself! Yep, according to, you will have to splash out close to £200 if you want the Ultimate Edition and the Collector’s Box.

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