The Overwatch League California Cup will establish the first official rivalry in the Overwatch League.

The off-season is in full swing, but the Overwatch League California Cup will provide action for fans longing for Season 2.   The San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Valiant will face off against each other representing northern and southern California, respectively.

The teams will face off in Esports Arena Santa Ana on October 20. On Nov 10, the teams will play again in Esports Arena Oakland.

“We own LA.”

The Overwatch League California Cup won’t just be a tournament, it will be an extravaganza. Both event locations will be stocked with exclusive merchandise and free-to-play computer stations. In addition, amateur and collegiate Overwatch tournaments will take place to give a spotlight on the stars of tomorrow.

Photo: Robert Paul | Blizzard Entertainment


With the exclusion of the Los Angeles Gladiators, some may be more comfortable calling this a cage match as opposed to a tournament. However, the Los Angeles Valiant made their standing in the state pretty clear:

Los Angeles Valiant & Immortals CEO Noah Whinston’s statement highlighted the growing intensity in regional rivalry:

“No matter the competition, the rivalry between Southern California and Northern California is one that is full of passion for the fans and the teams involved. We are excited to partner with the Shock in establishing a new tradition in esports.”

The winner of the Overwatch League California Cup will guard it until the next event, which has yet to be announced. Tickets for both dates go on sale on September 22nd.

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