Everyone knows that OpTic Gaming is one of the biggest names around on the eSports scene – especially with them being l337,y-y noscope, 360 ladder fakey stall g shots.

While the fanboys are probably too old to have OpTic in their gamertag these days, the team still has a huge following, especially in the FPS scene; thanks to winning plenty of tournaments.

And, they’ve decided to take this popularity to host their own tournament this summer in Texas as well as the chance to meet up with your favourite OpTic players, streamers and personalities.

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ – $5,000 pot bonus
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee – $5,000 pot bonus
  • Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – $5,000 pot bonus

So be sure to get your fightstick at the ready and spam Meta Knight until you’re taking home some well earned bucks.


However, if fighting games aren’t your thing, then you can take a seat – which will cost you $60, and watch some of OpTic’s best duke it out in exhibition matches throughout the two day event this June.

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And finally, if you can’t sleep, there will be a 24-hour gaming room where you might just bump into the likes of H3CX, Scump,LemonNation and maybe even YouTuber and streamer, Hutch.

It looks like we might just be seeing more of these team hosted events cropping up in the coming years and it would definitely be another great source of income which could help bolster eSports revenue to a 2022 high, as we reported last week.

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