We now will have the first NHL esports competition.

Following in the lead of the NBA, NFL and MLB, it appears that the NHL is also going to join the esports scene.

The league is, in fact, starting its World Championship, with the qualifiers commencing at the end of March. So if you’re one of the best NHL players around, then you might find yourself becoming an esports legend.

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To qualify, you will have to finish in the top eight from each region to compete in person to person events before the finals in Las Vegas.

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“We are excited to enter into the competitive gaming world and provide another way for gamers and fans to connect with our great game,” NHL Vice President Chris Golier said about the first NHL esports competition. 

“Our approach was to align with the best partners to create a fun and engaging competition.

“The exposure, prize pool, and unique experiences from the NHL Gaming World Championships should bring out the top players and show whose ‘Chel skills are best.”

With a prize pool of $100,000 and the chance to be broadcast on not only Twitch but regional TV networks as well, players will surely be lining up to compete.

While the NBA 2KLeague is a little more formulaic, it appears that the NHL Championships is set to be a little more casual even in spite of the massive prize pool for the first NHL esports competition

Thankfully though, this isn’t just a US or North American thing, instead, there are qualifiers for Canada and Europe which cover both PS4 and Xbox One.