Halo pro Alex Buck has caused quite a stir within the eSports community after a tweet he made earlier today regarding performance-enhancing drug use within professional eSports.

The use of drugs within eSports is a controversial topic, with a general unwritten rule that nobody discusses the taboo, however, the use of amphetamines to help one focus such as Adderall is thought to be rife amongst professional gamers at the top level.

Adderall, one of the most infamous amphetamine products, is commonly used amongst students worldwide to help them concentrate as a study drug.

When applying the drug to the competitive gaming industry, it is easy to see why it would enhance performance when glued to a screen – drastically improving focus, and increasing actions per minute.

Buck’s tweet read…

The tweet has sparked quite the reaction from many gamers, with a discussion beginning to develop where Twitter users have been replying to the former European Halo champion to further question his views on the matter.

Some individuals suggested that implementing drug testing within eSports is simply too costly, and would never be backed by the league organisers or teams, however, Buck pointed towards the prize funds of some of the tournaments as stone wall evidence that introducing tests would be more than affordable in most cases.


Others were quick to suggest that despite Adderall use being prevalent amongst professional gamers, they do not believe that it enhances your ability when it comes to performance, with many insisting that the use of Adderall is, in fact, detrimental to your gaming ability.

Either way, with prize funds growing in size and eSports becoming more popular by the day, especially with many tournaments and leagues now having the backing of traditional sports organisations, the calls for drug testing within the industry is only going to increase.

Just like in any sport, the use of performance-enhancing drugs is a form of cheating, and when there is big money at stake, it simply can’t be allowed to get out of hand.

It will be interesting to see what route eSports goes down when it comes to introducing drug tests, especially if high profile professionals such as Alex Buck continue to highlight it as an issue.

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