H1Z1 Auto-Royale looks AMAZING.

Despite being a big reason that Battle Royale games are now extremely popular, H1Z1 is very much in third place these days.

Yep, unfortunately for H1Z1 fans and those that backed the competitive league, the game is now living in the shadow of Fortnite and PUBG.

So what on earth can Daybreak do to challenge those two powerhouses at right now? Well, it looks like they’ve gone to something which could just totally change the way BR games are played.

Carmmogedonon on steroids

Auto-Royale is the latest game-mode to come to H1 and takes you away from the standard pvp experience. PUBG has ‘realistic’ weapons, Fortnite has building, and now H1Z1 has cars.

Could this game mode be the answer for the Fortnite esports question?

Yep, the Auto-Royale game-mode pits players against each other, but you’re always in a car and have to do all your fighting while inside it! In fact, you cannot leave your vehicle, which may bring up the question ‘how do you loot?’.

Well, like old school FPS, you have item pickups scattered throughout the map. These may range from repairs for your vehicle, health or weapons and ammo.

It is pretty safe to say that the trailer makes this look like Carmageddon on steroids, oh and you know, good? And judging by this footage from OpTic BigTymer of H1Z1 Auto-Royale, good lord it looks like fun.

OpTic BigTymer

Though Auto-Royale is not entirely out yet, some content creators got a chance to play it early, and it still looks as hectic and fun as the trailer made out.

So what does this mean for the future of H1Z1? Well, it certainly opens a new niche for the game, almost catering for both FPS fans and fans of Rocket League.

Whether or not H1Z1 Auto-Royale will go competitive or not is yet to be seen, but it could sure be fun.

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