Dice’s release of the Battlefield V alpha has brought both positives and negatives.

Obviously, with it being an alpha, there are going to be some dodgy things kicking about. However, because we seemingly hate everything, we are going to look at five problems with the alpha.

We were all hoping to move away from Battlefield 1, and well, Battlefield V has undoubtedly done that, but they’ve gone a little too drastic. I’ve played enough of the alpha to offer you a decent opinion.

So, here are five problems with the BF:V alpha.

1. The sun

Look, I know the sun is 4.6 billion years old and is 5,778 K BUT does it need to blind us to the point where you can’t see a thing?

Seriously, the lens flares are too bright, and in combination with the snowy landscape, it is painful to view. Being an alpha game, the sun glitches and will also start flickering, which is just pure migraine fodder.

2. Too much going on

I don’t mean explosions. I mean unlocks, achievements, and all other notifications you will get throughout a match.

Ok, so it was the start of the game, and you expect to be unlocking stuff, but does it need to cover almost half of the screen? That, combined with the sun makes it very painful to really concentrate on just standard gunplay.

Finally, there are some buildings where it is almost impossible to see anything; it is too dark, and there is an ammo visual which takes up plenty of the screen.

Stop with the visual clutter!

3. Not enough ammo

The ‘attrition system’ is something which has been very controversial with players. You now spawn with fewer clips, and unless you have a decent support, you will be tasked with going to resupply zones to get back up.

Now, with the super fast time to kill, you may not need as much ammo, but it does feel like your immersion is being ruined when you have to keep going back for supply runs because all the support players are useless.

I will concede that back in Battlefield: 1942, you did have to resupply or hope for a decent support player, but it feels like Dice went too far with the lack of ammo in their latest game.

Hopefully, they give players another starting magazine. Otherwise get ready to see ‘REQUESTING AMMO’ spammed forever in chat.

4. Clunky respawn

In every other Battlefield game, you have a specific time to be revived, or can just skip to the respawn screen and select your new loadout while waiting.

However, in BF:V, you have to bleed out (which you can speed up a little), or wait and hope that a medic manages to revive you. Again, this entirely takes you out of the action, and you get to stare at pretty much nothing while you wait to die or be saved.

The squad spawn screen is a total nightmare. You can’t see the full map, but most importantly, you cannot change your class on this screen. Again, this is an alpha build, but who thought that was a good idea?!

To change class or switch up your loadout, you now have to wait for a long bleed out, go back to the squad spawn screen, then go to the standard deployment screen. When you’re trying to capture flags, you want to get respawned fast, and not be stuck on waiting screens or hope for a medic to get you.

5. Useless aeroplanes

In BF:1, all planes were dominant, with the trench dart fighter having to be nerfed because it was destroying entire servers.

In the right hands, even the clunkiest of bombers can be a devastating way to play the game. However, there are multiple ways to deal with a plane, but the biggest one is to, erm, shoot it?

Well, one of the most significant problems with Battlefield V is the fact that planes are entirely useless. They never seem to hit their mark, and that is usually down to the lack of 3D spotting. Again, the visuals make it impossible to really see what is happening on the ground.

Though some are happy about the plane nerfs, a better balance between air and infantry would be more desired.

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