NFL, EA, Disney and ESPN have joined forces.

Just a few days before the SuperBowl between the New England Patriots and the Philidelphia Eagles, the more big news is coming out of the league.

Not to be outdone by the NBA league, the NFL and EA are about to start their Madden 18 Ultimate League which will pit 16 of the best players in the world against each other to crown the first champion.

The competition will run from Friday 2nd February for two and a half months, covering both the SuperBowl and NFL Draft in April – so that will be enough to keep any football fan busy during the off-season.

And not only will the tournament be running for several months, but will be streamed lived on both ESPN and Disney XD in a pretty groundbreaking competitive gaming deal between all parties.

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Disney XD is one of the companies flagship channels that covers cartoons and most importantly video games, with a target market at between 6-14; so that should really introduce younger fans to not only NFL but competitive gaming.

“We’re thrilled to continue and expand our relationship with EA and the NFL in not only showcasing to our audiences these world-class esports competitions for multiple years, but also using the myriad ESPN and Disney global platforms to tell the incredible stories of these competitors,” said John Lasker, VP of ESPN Digital Media Programming.

With the tournament being cast not only on TV but on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and even the NFL website, it looks like both EA and NFL have got all bases covered for their audience as competitive gaming once again makes inroads into traditional media.

And this is something which isn’t just aimed at an American market, with viewers expected in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Latin America and Brazil.


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