British-based Overwatch League team London Spitfire has announced the formation of British Hurricane, a new team which will compete in the Overwatch Contenders league.

Overwatch Contenders is a development league for aspiring Overwatch League pro’s, which sees rising gamers compete, hoping to catch the attention and get drafted in by of one of the game’s major teams.

The team will feature an entirely European roster and is made up of the following individuals…

– Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth
– Hafþór “Hafficool” Hákonarson
– Finley “Kyb” Adisi
– Phillip “Kragie” Krag Brems
– Ryan “CrusaDe” van Wegen
– Daniel “FunnyAstro” Hathaway
– Jakob “bock1” Kleveland

The fully European roster is quite contrasting to London Spitfire’s lineup of Korean’s. The idea behind British Hurricane is to help develop more of a local feel around the team, in a bid to help develop local European talents instead of always looking elsewhere to source players.


In fairness, the British Overwatch scene is probably not up to scratch compared certain other areas of Europe, and is the main reason why the Hurricane team is unable to present an entirely British roster.

Nonetheless, the ‘local’ feel about the newly formed team will undoubtedly do wonders for the general Overwatch scene in the continent, and give young Overwatch players something to aspire to in the coming years.

British Hurricane hope to be able to base all of their players in London in the near future, and build upon the current positive feel around the UK Overwatch scene, with Spitfire having taken home the top spot after the first stage of the new 2018 Overwatch League proper.

Exciting times for British Overwatch youngsters!

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