Another Overwatch League player sacked due to misconduct.

The Overwatch League has indefinitely suspended former Boston Uprising player Jonathan DreamKazper Sanchez. The 20-year-old was a mainstay in the Boston Uprising side during the inaugural Overwatch League, until allegations of sexual misconduct were reported at the weekend.

The allegations stated that Sanchez exchanged messages with a 14-year-old girl. Since the reports, and Boston’s initial suspension of the player, various screenshots of messages have been leaked online, all but confirming the interaction.

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Following the suspension of Sanchez, commonly known as DK in the community, the Overwatch League also quickly acted to suspend him indefinitely.

Then late yesterday evening, Boston Uprising revealed that his contract had been terminated.

This saga comes just a few days following various other issues within the Overwatch League which have somewhat tainted the mega-popular competition. Josh “Eqo” Corona of Philadelphia Fusion found himself suspended for three games following a racial slur during a live stream. He was also fined $3,000, and the team was banned from streaming for 10 weeks.

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In mid-March, Dallas Fuel’s Félix Lengyel, aka xQc, was suspended following a racial slur, and then later removed from the roster. Earlier this year he had already been suspended for offensive comments made to a Houston Outlaws’ player.

With the DreamKazper allegations, this is now the fifth player to have disciplinary action taken against them in the league’s short lifespan.