Here is our Battlefield V trailer breakdown and, spoiler alert, we’re not happy at all.

The announcement trailer for Battlefield V was released last night, and it is safe to say that it has come under some serious scrutiny. When you think of Battlefield, you think of a serious tactical shooter that always makes you feel like you’re in a fatal conflict.

So, when the trailer for the 2018 edition of Battlefield was revealed, what we saw was nothing short of cartoonish nonsense. That is indeed not what you would expect from a game from this franchise. Now, this is just a trailer and not representative of the actual game. It was confirmed that a new company edited this trailer too, so it might just be what they thought looked cool, to help bring in more casual fans.

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With that being said, if you look at the trailer on YouTube now, you will see it has 120,000 dislikes… 120,000! A large portion of the comments consists of people saying that the trailer put them off the game. Look to Reddit and Twitter, and you’ll see a similar story being played out too.

What was in the trailer?

It appeared that it was set during the failed Market Garden Operation, where the allies looked to control several critical strategic bridges through the Netherlands and Germany.

What we also saw was a team storming a Nazi base, with them appearing to sound like a mixture of British and American. One of these team members was a woman, who was wearing a false arm which many believe could be a cosmetic item.

There were the usual classes, with one team-mate offering you some ammo – a staple of every Battlefield game.

What was wrong with the trailer?

via Battlefield trailer

This could be the editing, or it could be just a ploy to make the game appealing to the casual fans. However, the pacing was totally hectic that it was almost impossible to take in everything we saw. There was so much ridiculousness, someone was even sliding on their knees while carrying a huge LMG. Then there was a point when someone shot a grenade out of the sky, which then blew up a passing plane. I mean really?!

Honestly, though, the biggest problem in all of it was this; it didn’t seem like a World War Two game. I thought that it was more akin to an alternative timeline game, feeling more like Wolfenstein than Battlefield.

What was good about it?

Well, the graphics were stunning, and some of the news that we found out before, and after, the trailer was excellent. The fact that no weapons will be behind paid DLC is great – Battlefield 1 very much feels like a pay to win game currently.

It also appears that DLC will be free for the base game, so it looks like EA and DICE have learned from the harsh lessons that Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 1 taught.

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