Major League Baseball esports could be coming.

In fact, it looks almost set to join the long list of traditional sports moving to competitive gaming.

We have already seen the likes of NBA, NHL and NFL recently join the ranks of esports, with them setting up leagues for the best players in the world.

MLB esports sounds positive

“I think it’s all about fan engagement, and it’s about finding the right place to go in,” said Jamie Leece, MLBAM’s Vice President of Games and VR at a game industry event.

“A lot of those sports are doing it for specific reasons, and we have our reasons too.

“It’s just a matter of finding the right place to enter and making sure that it’s something that the fans want and it’s done the way that the fans can appreciate that both as a video game and ultimately as an esport.”

With MLB The Show 18 coming out in just a few weeks time, we may have to wait a few more months until we see any sort of competitive scene.

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Huge salaries and massive prize pool? NBA 2K League will be cash cow for best players

As we saw with the of NBA 2K league, it does take a while to establish the league. In fact it may take some time to secure sponsorship and large viewership too.

MLB has always been very popular, even though it is a PlayStation exclusive. In fact, during the first week of MLB The SHow 17, the game sold more than 612,000 units.

So with that being said, Major League Baseball esports looks like a sure-fire thing.

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