Are some Twitch streamers hated? Yes, yes they are!

Being a successful streamer is sort of like being Batman; stay with me for this one. You have loads of power and responsibility for your community, but you’re also stupidly rich. See, that was a perfect analogy.

Anyway, streamers do really have a duty of care to not only be a good example to their community but offer entertainment as well. However, over the years, there have been many streamers who have fallen foul of the guidelines on Twitch and YouTube, and have faced the wrath of their fans.

Just this weekend, popular streamer Summit1G became the number one shunned face on Twitch. His chat was left more toxic than a toxic orb Muk using gunk shot… I’m on fire today.

With that being said, here are five streamers who got into trouble with their community.

1. Summit1g

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Hey! I might as well finish the story seeing as I started it. So what did Summit do that was so appalling to his fans? Did he go on some homophobic rant or drop some N-bombs? Nope, he played with Jake Paul – one of the most hated men on the internet, other than his brother of course. To be fair, the Paul Brothers really are just the freaking worst, but poor Summit really didn’t expect such anger.

Look at how sad he is here. As all of those Twitch streamers hated by the community, Summit might be able to turn things around.

Is his channel dead? Probably not, but still, what a crazy reaction.

2. Doc Disrespect

Towards the end of 2017, the Doc was hit with plenty of backlash following the news of him cheating on his wife. Not only did he lose a lot of subscribers and followers following the incident, he also lost some sponsorship deals and many thought he wouldn’t return.

A few months later and he was back – with his wife – and at one point had the most number of concurrent viewers at any one time.

3. ZiloanOp

A miracle! This chap was supposedly a paralysed gamer who managed to raise more than $20,000 back in 2013. That sort of money is massive now, but on the platform back then, it was a crazy amount. He also managed to raise a quite large community, especially amongst disabled gamers.

However, that all came tumbling down following a shocking moment in which he thought he was off camera. The supposed paralysed gamer stood up and walked off.

His channel and his girlfriends were quickly shut down by Twitch, and he was banned not long after.

4. Pink Sparkles

This one is a weird one simply because her community must like her, but seemingly the rest of Twitch HATES her. First off, there was her fake rage and breakdowns during streams after losing a game – obviously, she only played League of Legends.

And then there were some of the… hmm… things she has done to gain popularity that has certainly stretched the boundaries of decency on the platform. From squats for subs and outfits that leave little to the imagination, there is plenty of hate directed her way.

5. Gross Gore

This guy just didn’t know when to shut up and it really cost him; well for a few months, until Twitch allowed him back. So what did he do to face the wrath of the Twitch community? Well, for starters he made various outlandish claims against other streamers and Team Fnatic. Then he went a step further and accused a League of Legends shout-caster of sexual assault, which was entirely unfounded.

His numerous bouts of starting drama with big streamers has seen many of his fans turn away from him.