Have you ever seen Ninja rage this hard?

We’ve all had those moments while gaming that gets our blood boiling. It might be someone doing something really cheesy and killing us, it might be that the game is super buggy.

But when that red mist descends, the littlest of things will trigger you.

It happens to even the most level-headed of us, and even streamers can fall foul of the old rage despite thousands of people watching. So, which streamers have lost their cool while being live?

Well, we’ve found five of them, that probably won’t be too proud of these clips… Oh and obviously, there will be some bad language:

1. The Doc deletes PUBG

While there isn’t any crazy rage, or punching, the fact that he deleted PUBG from his Steam library shows that he was trying to hold just how mad he was.

2. Summit punches his monitor

This is more like it! While getting ready for the H1Z1 tournament (which has seemingly died) Summit took out his anger of dying by hitting his second monitor and webcam with a pretty decent right hook.


The look on his face as he does it says just about everything you need to know.

3. Ninja loses it

For someone who doesn’t like swearing on his stream anymore, Ninja sure used to swear a HELL of a lot.

These days he’s much much more family-friendly and is a lot cooler, but just six months ago he got triggered pretty easily.

4. The Cod Rage is real

FaZe Clan’s Attach losing it on stream is pretty hilarious and reminded me while I will never, ever play Call of Duty again.

Still, at least his controller is working…

5. Why you STREAM THAT?!

Ah, Wings of Redemption. This is one of the classic rage moments really at the beginning of Twitch’s rise to popularity.

There was some sort of YouTube drama surrounding this, but it basically ended up in Wings facing off against a pre-Counter Strike skin gambling ProSyndicate in a 1v1 on Bog. Wings lost and reacted… poorly all whilst it was being streamed on Twitch.

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