It looks like we’re getting closer to a Realm Royale console release date.

Good news if you have been wanting to play Realm Royale but don’t have a PC for gaming.

Realm Royale was released back in June and while it has not quite taken off like Fortnite did, it has still been a popular alternative Battle Royale. According to Steam Charts, it has around 11,000 active daily players, with a peak of 100,000 daily players back on June 30th.

Realm Royale released now

While those numbers aren’t huge, with the inclusion of console support, Hi-Rez could well see a big boost. If you want to play on console, you will need to sign up for a closed beta on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Should you miss out on closed beta, there will be an open beta in the future before getting a full release.

Both the Xbox and PlayStation YouTube accounts released trailers to coincide with the beta sign up.



What is Realm Royale?

If you are wondering what it is or what sets it apart from Fortnite or PUBG well… Unlike those games, you will need to craft weapons, abilities and armour as well as looting chests.

The forging mechanic has been something which players are very positive about. Shooting is very nice and is all about having good aim rather than very twitchy shooting like in Fortnite.

Realm Royale console release should be later this year, likely to be at the end of the summer to allow Hi-Rez time to optimise it all for both platforms.