After half a month of pristine Overwatch action, we finally have our final contenders for Overwatch League May Melee!

Overwatch’s esports scene might be slowing down, but Overwatch League still continues to pull all strings for a fiesta. The May Melee’s qualifiers certainly was one.

The Overwatch League started on April 16th and is about to enter its first bracket tournament after a gruelling month of Group Stages.

Learn more about the Overwatch League May Melee and who have made it to the Tournament Weekend.

About Overwatch League May Melee

Overwatch League 2021 is officially underway with the first of the four tournament cycles in the regular season. Teams are divided into two groups – namely the West and the East – who are eyeing a slot in the Playoffs for each of the tournament cycles.

The first of the four such, namely the Overwatch League May Melee, started its Group Stages on April 16th and recently concluded on May 1st. Washington Justice, Houston Outlaws, San Francisco Shock, Florida Mayhem, Toronto Defiant, and Dallas Fuel made it from the West. From the East, Philadelphia Fusion, Seoul Dynasty, Chengdu Hunters, and Shanghai Dragons emerged victorious.

After that, the Group Stage Leaders from the West and the East battled it out in the Regional Knockouts. Florida Mayhem and Dallas Fuel came out on the top in the West while Shanghai Dragons and Chengdu Hunters won in the East. These teams will now compete in the Overwatch League May Tournament Weekend to crown a winner.

Overwatch League May Melee Playoffs Bracket For May 6-8

The best from the West and the East have made their way into the Playoffs. The tournament will follow a double-elimination bracket where a loser gets another opportunity to climb back up.

Here’s the schedule for the Overwatch League May Melee Tournament Weekend:

Shanghai Dragons face off against Florida Mayhem on May 6 7:00 PM PT. Chengdu Hunters will fight Dallas Fuel on May 6 8:30 PT. You can also follow this link to stay on track with the rest of the games.

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