We’re here to talk you through some of the more ‘problematic’ Realm Royale patch notes.

The latest patch from Hi-Rez to the once hyper-popular battle royale game ‘Realm Royale’ is causing a lot of controversies.

Realm Royale has only been out a few weeks, and the game has done well in that time; managing to become a decent-sized player in the battle royale market. The likes of Ninja and Summit1G have showcased the game in their streams, to their millions of followers.

One thing to point out is that Realm Royale is still an alpha title, so Hi-Rez is obviously trying out different styles to their game. In that vein, significant changes to forging items have been trialled on Test Servers.

What are the changes?

Basically, no more forging legendary weapons and forcing players to loot the weapons instead.

Hi-Rez posted the changes on their blog:



  • “We have made several loot changes to the weapons that come out of chests strewn across the map and what can be crafted in the forge. Crafting Legendary weapons, often the first time you visit a forge, allowed players to increase their lethality at a rate that outpaced the armour collection. This resulted in a shorter time-to-kill in the mid-game. Dropping Legendary loot in the world we hope makes it more exciting to hunt for loot and will smooth out the overall experience.”
  • Legendary weapons can no longer be crafted at the Forge.



  • Turret damage is based on rarity.
  • Fire Bomb no longer inflicts self-damage.


  • Wall bug fixed to be available at all rarities.
  • Stone Spear damage reduced.
  • Fireball cooldown increased and projectile size reduced (previous hotfix).
  • Ice Block Duration reduced.


  • Sniper Rifle projectile speed improved.


  • Longbow projectile speed and size improved.

Why is everyone so mad about it?

Personally, I’m struggling to see the problem with these changes.

Someone being able to craft a legendary weapon, while you have medium armour, does not make for balanced gameplay. We’re guessing that players are reactionarily responding, and not giving the changes a fair go. We’ve all fallen prey to losing our minds over something before trying it.

So is Realm Royale dead?

No, of course not. Hi-Rez does have a bit of history of being quite a disliked developer, just because they released a hero shooter around the time that Overwatch was released.

But should I uninstall it ‘cos X said it was rubbish now?

If you want to. I’d say give it a few more games and make your own mind up before deciding to post a hissy fit on Reddit about it being rubbish, though.