The FIFA QuaranTeam tournament is well underway at the moment and there have already been one or two shock results in the opening round.

128 teams are participating in the FIFA 20 event. It’s been dubbed the Ultimate QuaranTeam given the circumstances surrounding the current global pandemic.

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The FIFA QuaranTeam tournament has captured the imagination of football fans. (FIFA Public Domain

A host of clubs from Mansfield to Manchester City have signed up. Alongside English teams, there are squads from Europe, America, and even Australia.

It’s safe to say, then, that the tournament is providing some light relief for football fans wanting their fix.

The second round is due to being today. But as with any cup competition, there’s already been a number of ‘shock’ results in the FIFA 20 QuaranTeam tournament.

FIFA QuaranTeam – shock results so far

A number of ‘big clubs’ drew relatively smaller clubs or minnows of the game in the round of 128. The likes of Man City, Fiorentina, and West Ham, safely navigated their way through proceedings.

But there were a number of shock results. Just like in our real-life FA Cup, a number of clubs stepped up and pulled off their own giant killings.

The biggest so far has to be Walsall’s monumental 2-1 win over AS Roma. The Italian giants falling at the hands of the Saddlers 2-1.

Mansfield Town also conquered Europe by seeing off Gent. This wasn’t just a win, though, this was a 6-1 demolition job by the Stags.

Finally, Irish minnows Finn Harps were also 6-1 winners. Albeit they only saw off Oldham, it’s still a huge win for a team who a lot of English fans won’t have even heard of!

Further shocks to come in FIFA QuaranTeam?

A number of big games will be coming in the next round as only 64 teams remain. Sheffield Wednesday were installed as one of the favourites prior to the tournament.

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Roma crashed out of the FIFA QuaranTeam tournament in one of the biggest shock results so far. 

(t be a tasty affair in the Steel City.

Big teams remain, too. There’s potential for some more giant-killing as well as the potential for some huge wins as well from those teams. (We’ve already seen two 10-0 victories)

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