Should you be worried about Red Shell spyware?

More than 20 PC games have been forced to remove a third-party spyware that has been tracking players activity outside of the game.

Allegedly, there are dozens of games that are also suffering from the spyware called Red Shell.

The software markets itself as a way for game developers to discover where their players are coming from. It also matches players who have Red Shell installed and pushes other game campaigns as social media adverts; including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

According to Red Shell, for it to do this, it has to track you outside of the game. Apparently, it doesn’t collect personal data from the player. The developers also claim no data is sold to third-party companies.

Games Struck Out by Red Shell

On the Steam Subreddit, many fans revealed that players had found over 50 games had the Red Shell .dlll file.

Big titles including; The Elder Scrolls: Online, Battlerite, and Conan Exiles have been confirmed so far. The file has also allegedly been found in Total War games, and was taken out of Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

Red Shell told Kotaku yesterday that they defended its service and the methods it uses.

We are gamers. We love games. We do what we do because we love working with game developers to help grow their games and build their communities.”

The last thing we’d want to do is anything that is going to upset their communities.”

16 game studios have now confirmed they have removed the software. If you are worried that it may be somewhere in your drives, you’ll be able to find it and delete it quickly. This guide offers assistance, though you don’t need to install any malware software – scroll past the downloads to do it manually.