Will we be getting a Red Dead Redemption Battle Royale mode? From the words from the Take-Two CEO, it sounds unlikely.

Red Dead Redemption is warming up to be the biggest game of 2018. In fact, it is expected to be so well received that the likes of Call of Duty are pushing their release date forward, to avoid clashing with its release. While we are all in for the excellent story-telling, environment and gameplay, there was something many people were hoping for, a Battle Royale mode.

Could a Red Dead Redemption Battle Royale mode be bigger than Fortnite?

The current video gaming landscape makes it evident that Battle Royale titles are huge business; Fortnite is the biggest game in the world, and PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds is not far behind. Two titles that that are brand new intellectual properties; though Fortnite has the backing of well-established developers.

Considering the desire for the vastly popular game mode, many believed that Rockstar would be pushing for the prequel to Red Dead Redemption to include a Battle Royale mode. After all, GTA Online has been a massive success for the company, reportedly generating a whopping $500 million.

Despite this, it appears that there won’t be a Battle Royale in Red Dead Redemption 2, at least not according to Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick. Speaking to Gamespot, he said;

“I think if one changed one’s business to follow other people’s big hits, you’d be constantly playing catch up,”

“And to say you wouldn’t be in second place is an understatement. You might remain in last place. So it’s our job to innovate, and more often than not that has driven our success.”

Previously, Zelninc had noted that Take-Two and Rockstar are taking notice of the success of Fortnite, but clearly, it appears that we might get something different for Red Dead Redemption 2. That aside, fans like myself will still be hoping that these comments aren’t concrete, and we will get an original Battle Royale game mode with the release of this highly anticipated game.