Some of the fans of popular YouTuber Jacksepticeye are trying to get the star cancelled after taking offense at a joke he made about the PlayStation 5.

With over twenty five million subscribers on YouTube, Jacksepticeye is one of the most popular content creators on the platform. In the past, YouTube has been hesitant to chastise their stars when they’re accused of inappropriate activity, and as such, fans often feel the need to step in and berate YouTubers when they feel slighted by their actions.

The release of the PlayStation 5 has been a challenging time for gamers around the world, as stock shortages have meant that getting hold of the console is incredibly difficult. As such, many gamers consider the PS5 launch to be a sore subject.

Why Jacksepticeye got cancelled

Some fans are calling for Jacksepticeye to be cancelled after he posted a tweet laughing at anyone who hasn’t managed to snag a PlayStation 5 console. These fans believe that the tweet, which features a meme showing Tom Cruise laughing and which has since been deleted, is inappropriate.

Soon after receiving flak for his tweet, Jacksepticeye returned to Twitter to clarify that he was joking. He said (before deleting this tweet as well):

“So many people actually got mad about this tweet. It’s just a joke guys. Think it’s pretty obvious that I would never define people by the material things they have.”

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Is Jacksepticeye really cancelled?

In truth, while some of Jacksepticeye’s fans are genuinely upset, this is a small minority of his fanbase as a whole. It’s unlikely that their calls for the star to be cancelled will actually be taken seriously.

In the current internet climate, people on social media are increasingly eager to call for stars to be cancelled, but in practice, this means very little in the vast majority of cases.

Chances are high that Jacksepticeye will not be in any way negatively affected by fans calling for him to be cancelled.

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